Acotango (6.052 m / 19856 ft)


At the Bolivian-Chilean border and in the Sajama national park, the volcano Acotango is located. Local people manage the beautiful Sajama national park. Wildlife can be seen anywhere, and a lot of thermal waters are there as well. The park provides numerous hiking and climbing trails. With the volcanoes Guallatiri, and Capurate, Acotango forms the Quimsachatas, which translated means “three twins”. It is a popular climb as it can be climbed within a day and has a simple but very steep route.

The tour: 

The mountains Acotango and Sajama share the same base camp in the village of Sajama. From there it takes about 1-2 hours to get to the base camp at about 4.900 m / 16.076 ft. The road is even with a 4×4 car quite difficult and after heavy rainfall or snowfall the road is impassable. The road even continues up to 5.500 m and is one of Bolivia’s highest mountain roads. From there it takes only a couple of hours to the summit. The climb starts with a glacier and passes an abandonment copper mine. At the summit you should expect strong winds and ice-cold temperatures. Acotango is a very simple 6000er with stunning views of the nearby gigantic volcanoes.

The mountain can be climbed in the summer months but due to heavy snowfalls and the risk of avalanches it can be closed anytime. In March and April, it should be even possible to ski on the mountain. From the Chilean side the ascend is very dangerous, as there are still land mines.

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