Tocllaraju (6.034 m / 19.796 ft)


Tocllarjau is a very demanding mountain located in the Inshinca valley.  The tour is difficult in terms of physical condition and mountaineering techniques. Good acclimatization is absolutely necessary in order to assure a successful ascent. There are some mountains in the area like Urus or Ishinca to get the necessary preparation. As the mountain is part of the Huacarán national park, an entrance fee has to be paid. Steep faces and ridges of glacier surround Tocllaraju on all four sides. Some of the glaciers have slopes up to 60 degrees.

Tocllaraju is a great mountain for experienced mountaineers. Due to its low difficulty level it is an often and regularly climbed mountain.

The tour:

The tour starts from our Ishinca valley base camp, next to the Refugio at about 5.300 m / 17.389 ft. As we use high camp, the tour takes two days. Gear, equipment and a tent are necessary to cross the glaciers and to camp on the mountain. This tour is the most popular trail to get to Tocllaraju. The base camp can be also used to climb other mountains. Urus and Ishinca are perfectly designed for acclimatization. A more difficult goes up to Ranrapalca with 6.162 m / 20.217 ft.

The normal route for Tocllaraju is the North-West ridge, which is the most popular way to the top. Still, there are two other ways. The West Face and the North Ridge. Time to climb is June, July and August. At the end of that climbing season, the weather can be windy and unstable.

Fun fact:

The most sources, as well as the Perucian Instituto Geográfico Nacional name the elevation of Tocllaraju for 6.034 m / 19.796 ft above sea level. John Biggar somewhat states that new digital elevation data indicates a height of only 5.980 m / 19.619 ft and therefore the mountain misses the magical height of 6.000 m / 19.685 ft by only a few meters.


Andean summit adventure provides you with all necessary information and certified guides to climb the mountains in the Ishinca valley, including Tocllaraju.