Chopicalqui (6.354 m / 20.847 ft)


In the middle of the Cordillera Blanca lies the mountain Chopicalqui. It is often considered as the third peak of Huascarán. Huascarán is the famous national park in this area. With over 6.000 m / 19.685 ft and technical high requirements, is a very demanding climb. Prerequisites for this tour are good physical condition and comfort in exposed terrain / glaciers up to 65°. Chopicalqui summit is not suitable for beginners. The underground is mainly snow with some steep icy sections. Nevertheless, it is another gorgeous peak with an altitude of 6.354 m / 20.847 ft. The climb to the top offers views over the Cordillera Blanca range and the surrounding summits like Huascaran, Chacaraju, Pisco or Huandoy. The ascent normally takes up to four days and different camps on the mountain.

The tour:

Like for most of the tours into the Cordillera Blanca, most tours start in Huarez. From there a dirt road takes you to the lakes of Yanganuca and to the base camp. On the way you’ll pass the park entrance, where you have to pay  th climbing fee. Before climbing this mountain, acclimatization is very important. This can be done on some lower mountains, such as Ishinka or Urus. On Chopicalqui, the standard route is the South-West ridge, which is a popular climb. Therefore, it can be crowded sometimes. The high camp is at an altitude of 5.350 m / 17.553 ft. A lot of mountaineers use Chopicalqui as a training mountain to get in shape for higher, longer and more difficult ascents. A lot of them use it to prepare for Himalaya.

The weather and conditions to climb are the best in July and August. Nevertheless, weather conditions can change rapidly at any time. Afterward the dry season, the rainy season starts. A lot of snowfall can hinder your climb. Too much snow on the way is the main reason for expeditions to fail. After some snowfall the route to the peak is nearly impassable.

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