Pico Austria (5.320 m / 17.454 ft)

Pico Austria:

The climb to the summit of Pico Austria is a good acclimatization tour from the camp in Condoriri (4.600 m / 15.092 ft). It is a beautiful and easy day-tour to the peak at 5.320 m /17.454 ft.

The tour:

Pico Austria has the same base camp as Pequeño Alpamayo at the Lake of Chiar Khota (4.600 m / 15.092 ft). From La Paz it is just a couple of hours by car to Tuni, where the track starts. The one-day climb starts with an easy hike along some Llama pastures. It passes the lake Khauna Khota and Chiar Khota. After a break and the enjoyment of the view the climb continues. From there it takes about 3 hours to reach the summit. The climb is easy but beautiful and is accessible by nearly everyone. The altitude difference to overcome is fairly low.

The way to the summit can be windy sometimes but after a short time you’ll reach the peak. On a clear day there is a stunning view over the Condiriri Range and up to the summit of Huayna Potosi.

In case you want to make it in a tow day tour, camping is allowed everywhere but the Lake of Chiar Kohta is very beautiful and has some rocks to give you cover. There are even Bathrooms. If needed, Mules can be hired in the village of Tuni to help you with your equipment. But for an easy one-day climb that shouldn’t be necessary.

The hike perfectly suites mountaineers who don’t have too much time but still want to enjoy the beautiful Andes. We at andean summit adventure are happy to show you this and more summits in Ecuador. You can use this mountain as acclimatization tour for one of our climbs to Sajama or Illimani. Call or text us for more information.