Parinacota (6.340 m / 20.801 ft)


The dormant volcano Parinacota is located on the Bolivian-Chilean border and has a height of 6.340 m / 20.801 ft. It has a symmetrical cone and a huge crater on top of it. Nevertheless, the technical climbing requirements are comparable low. The ascent is long and windy but is on scree and ice and is not steeper than 40 degrees. Because of that, it is a famous mountain in the area and makes it possible for nearly everyone to climb Parinacota. The ascent takes only a day and the average temperature is between 2,5 and 6 °C (36.5–42.8 °F).


Just next to Parinacota is its twin volcano Pomerape. Together they form a volcano chain called Nevados de Payachata. Pomerape is with a height of 6.222 m / 20.413 ft just a little bit lower than its twin. The lake Chungará lies in front of the two mountains.

Even though the two mountains are very close, the famous volcano Sajama is only 20 kilometers away. The base camp for both mountains is in the village of Sajama. Due to their shapes and the nice snow cap, the two mountains have become a beloved place for photographers and mountaineers.

More information

By bus, the base camp in Sajama can be easily reached from La Paz. To enter Sayama National Park you have to register and pay an entrance fee. Depending on the time of climbing, you might also have to fill in a disclaimer.

This is due to the increased danger of climbing it. The time between June and September is considered the main climbing time. At this time the weather is stable and almost no rain or snowfall can be expected. If you have any questions about the weather forecast or the current conditions, the National Park Rangers can share some information with you. Either way, be sure to bring some crampons as the way can be icy and slippery.

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