Huayna Potosí (6.088 m / 19.974 ft)

Huayna Potosí:

The Huayna Potosí is a mountain located in the Cordillera Real in Bolivia. The cities of El Alto and La Paz are just a couple of kilometers away.  Due to its close location to La Paz and the comparable fair climbing conditions, Huayna Potosí is one of the most famous and mostly climbed mountains in Bolivia. Furthermore, it is the landmark of La Paz. The ascent on the normal route has some ice and crevasses and a steep climb to the peak. Some even say it is the easiest 6000er in the world and therefore can be climbed by nearly every mountaineer. The summit provides a phenomenal view over the Cordillera Real. It is a good start for following ascents like Illimani.  The west side in contrast has Bolivia’s biggest mountain face with some difficult sections. Which is why this side is only climbed by experienced mountaineers.

The Tour:

The trip normally takes two days to reach the summit. With a 4×4 car from La Paz you can reach the base camp on an altitude of 4.700 m / 15.420 ft. After a small hike between 1-3 hours the high camp on 5.200 m / 17060 ft can be reached. The refuges on Huayna Potosí are privately owned but camping on the mountain is no problem. The second day gives you the opportunity to climb to the summit, enjoy the view and descent to the valley. During the high season this route can be quite crowded whereas the west route might be empty. The best time to climb is between June and August but Huayna Potosí can be climbed all year long. The off season brings a lot of rain, which is why good equipment is necessary.

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