Urus (5.495 m / 18.028 ft)


The mountain Urus is located in the Ishinca Valley (Cordillera Blanca) in Peru, in the national park Huasarán. From Lima it is an eight-hour drive to Huarez where the trail begins. The mountain actually exists of three Peaks, the Urus Este, Central and Oeste. Urus Este is the mostly climbed peak of the three, as it is the direct, shortest and most accessible way to the top. The climbing tour normally takes three days.

It is a popular acclimatization mountain to prepare for higher mountains. It is a good practice to achieve some of the higher mountains in the are like Tocllaraju and Ranrapalca.

The tour:

The first day will be needed to reach the base camp Ishinca at 4.350 m / 14.272 ft. From Huarez you’ll follow the Ishinca Valley. On you way you pass the control post to pay the entrance fee. After a five to six hour climb you’ll arrive at the base camp. There you can either camp on your own or use the hut with bunk beds, food and toilets for some extra expenses. After a night’s sleep, you’ll climb the summit of Urus. Once you reach the glacier it is necessary to have the right equipment to climb safely. On top you can enjoying the view of the surrounding mountain like Ishinca or Tocllaraju. Afterwards you will head back to the base camp. The tour on the second day takes about eight to ten hours. Finally, on the third day you will make your way back to Huarez.

Most mountaineers who climb Urus also climb Ishinca as these two mountains are close together. The months of June, July and August are the best months to climb because it is the dry season in Peru.

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