Pequeño Alpamayo (5.410 m / 17749 ft)

Pequeño Alpamayo

Pequeño Alpamayo is another mountain in the Condoriri Range. The mountain has an altitude of 4.600 m / 15.092 ft. and is a pyramid of snow. Due to low technical requirements, it is a popular and liked climb for acclimatization purposes. The view from the peak is stunning and unique, which is why this mountain is the second most climbed mountain in Bolivia.

Tour information:

To reach Pequeño Alpamayo one has to pass the peak of Pico Austria. Pico Austria is an easy one-day trip. From La Paz it is a 2-3 hour car drive to Tuni, where the first hike to the base camp at lake Chiar Khota (4.600 m / 15.092 ft) starts. Mules can be used for a fee to transport your equipment to the base camp. There is a nice and small campsite next to the lake. On the next day it takes about an hour to the beginning of the glacier. In order to reach Pequeño Alpamayo, we have to ascent to Pico Tarija first. The path to Pequeño Alpamayo continues to be a little bit more difficult and challenging. After reaching the peak, we start the descent back to the base camp. On the next day we return to La Paz.

The glacier and snow areas can have slopes up to 55°. These parts and some rocky sections make it a demanding tour with a UIAA value of two.

We at andeansummitadventure recommend Pequeño Alpamayo as an easy but beautiful and stunning climb for training and acclimatization. Afterwards some of the higher and more difficult climbs  such as Sajama or Illimani can be completed.