Illimani (6.439 m / 21.125 ft)


The mountain Illimani is the highest mountain in the Cordillera Real, which is in the western area of Bolivia. After the mountain Sajama, it is the second highest summit in Bolivia. The cities El Alto and La Paz use the mountain as their landmark. Especiall La Paz is close by and provides a gorgeous view of the peak. For locals it is a beautiful mountain and it is subject of many songs and histories. The mountain is deeply attached to the culture in these cities. Some even say the mountain is the guardian of the city La Paz.

The trip:

The climb starts from La Paz and takes about 4 days. On day one you should take a car to the village of Estancia Una or Pinaya. The road conditions are quite difficult why we recommend a four-wheel-drive. From there you can get to Puente Roto, the base camp. The second day brings you via a rocky hike to the high camp.  An early departure on day 3 makes it possible to reach the summit, enjoy the view and descend to the high or even base camp. Day 4 is needed to head back to La Paz.

Mountain information:

The northern side of Illimani is covered by glaciers and with an inclination of an average of 50°, Illimani is a demanding and tough glacier to climb. It is technically difficult and only experienced mountaineers should risk the climb. The best months to climb are June, July and August, as the weather should be stable and dry. During the other months, heavy rainfall can hamper the climb to the peak.

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