Cabeza de Condor (5.648 m / 18530 ft)

Cabeza de Condor:

Close to the city of La Paz lies the Condoriri Range, which consists of 13 peaks. One of its mountains is the Cabeza de Condor, which translated means “condors head”. Just next to it is Ala Izquierda and Ala Derecha, which means left and right wing. The mountain is shaped like the head and wings of a condor. In the area are even more interesting mountains like Pequeño Alpamayo or Ilusion. Even though these mountains are not as high as others in the Andes, the differences in terrains and the skills needed will challenge you in other ways.


The tour:

From La Paz you’ll have different transportation options to get to the Tuni Area from there it is a 3 hours hike to lake Chiar Khota, which has an altitude of about 4.660 m / 15.092 ft. The base camp is located just next to the lake. If necessary or wanted mules can be hired to carry your gear and bags to the base camp. The next day, the climb starts with loose rocks and ends with an ice canyon, where more technical skills are needed. At the summit you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Cordillera Real and Lake Titicaca. After some rest the descent to the base camp begins.

Depending on the conditions, there are difficulties in the rock up to 3 according to UIAA norm and inclinations on the glacier up to 55 – 65° on the normal route. The tour is technically not that difficult but due to the height, some skills are needed. The best season to climb is the Bolivian winter, which is between June and August. However, the month of August is crowded with mountaineers from all over the world.

Cabeza de Condor is a popular and well-suited mountain for acclimatization tours. If you are interested to be accompanied by experienced and certified mountain guides, contact andean summit adventure.