Lascar (5.592 m / 18.346 ft)


The volcano Lascar is located in the “Reserva Nacional Los Flamencos” in the northern part of Chile. It has two separate cones with their own summit craters. Furthermore, it is one of the most active volcanoes in Chile. Especially the eastern cone is frequently active, which means it has a regular release of gas and occasional eruptions. Eruptions started 56.000 years ago. Some even argue they started 220.000 years ago. The largest known eruption occurred in April 1993. The ash falls even arrived Buenos Aires, which is about 2.000 km / 1.243 miles away. The tour to the summit is a nice and more or less short one-day trip.

The tour:

Due to its relatively low altitude and short climb, it is a well-known acclimatization volcano. From San Pedro de Atacama it is a two to three-hour drive to the start of the trail. On the way you’ll pass a nice and quiet Lake, called Lejía. A 4×4 vehicle is needed to get to the trailhead at about 4.900 m / 16.076 ft. As the surface of the trail is volcanic soil, it can be slippery and a little bit more difficult. Nevertheless, no technical difficulties appear on the track. The climb to the summit doesn’t take too much time. It takes about three hours to ascent the volcano. the summit offers a spectacular view over several volcanoes in the region. The crater and the summit have rock wind shields, which make it possible to enjoy the view in a more relaxed ambiance. Normally winds are strong and standing upright is challenging. The months of December to march are best suited to climb Lascar. Nevertheless, a climb all year round is possible with the right gear.

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