Expedition Ishinca Valley, Cordillera Blanca

Ishinca Valley

For getting started in Peru we choose Ishinca Valley, a 7-day introduction with 3 summits. On day one the approach to the base camp on approx. 4.300 m, with donkeys carrying our stuff for an easy hike.

ishinca valley

The base camp is a great spot with marvelous views of Tocllaraju – our final target in week one.

ishinca valley base camp


Urus (5.495m) shall be our first summit. On the second day we start late, but with perfect weather and being the only group attempting the summit. It’s a steep hike form the very beginning. First a trail, then a rocky section and the final spurt over a short glacier part. Great views on Ranrapalca, Ishinca, Tocllaraju and many other mountains await you up there.

summit Urus


Ishinca is scheduled for day 3. Once again we are by far the last ones to leave the camp. Around midnight the first groups start, we leave the base camp at approx. 4 a.m. Once again we have a marvelous day with excellent weather. It’s a long hike up and the worst part is crossing the moraine. Reaching the glacier it’s just great!

Más antes no he de jalar

Two times successful in a row … time for rest on day 4 before attempting Tocllaraju. The plan is to make it without porters up to the moraine camp, so we need to be fit. The rest day serves for some rope handling training as well as eating and sleeping.


Day 5 & 6 are for Tocllaraju. With heavy load and quite a bit of way in front of us we start early.

heavily packed

The way up to the moraine camp is long and steep and even worse with all the luggage. Up there we set up our tent and rest early in order to be fine for the summit.


The summit day was harder and longer than expected but we reached the summit around 8 a.m., being one of the 3 successful rope teams.

Tocllaraju climb

Tocllaraju summit (6.032 m)

Satisfied and happy we return from the summit to the moraine camp and directly down to the base camp, where Victor welcomes us with a hot soup and some pasta.

On day 7 we leave Ishinca valley and go back to Huaraz for 1 day.

The tour was organized and performed by andean summit adventure.

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